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Hey, I’m Vikash Gupta, a linguist, lifelong learner, teacher, blogger, and fun-loving guy. I welcome you to my site, “Joy of Japanese.”

Are you new to Japan or the Japanese language? Perhaps you already know a bit of Japanese, or maybe you are a fluent speaker. Or possibly, anything related to Japan intrigues you beyond imagination!

Regardless, Joy of Japanese is all about Japanese and covers everything a Japanese enthusiast explores!

It even goes one step further to providing unique and engaging content and resources you won’t find anywhere else. So if you fancy Japan and Japanese, you don’t want to miss this blog.

“Joy of Japanese” is a blog where I share my love of Japanese, knowledge, experience, resources, and tools that I find valuable for successful learning. Language learning can be enjoyable and effective with the correct method and attitude.

Atarashii gengo wa arata na jinsei no hajimari


A new language is a new life

My journey of learning languages

Aside from my native Hindi and an almost-native level of English, I have also achieved higher proficiency in French and Spanish.

Languages were never my goal and interest until I learned my first foreign language – French – when I was a student.

It was during this time that I discovered my passion for languages. This was a life-changing decision. I also started and completed all levels of Spanish during my first job.

Since then, I have studied Japanese, German, Korean, and Italian to varying degrees on and off in the past. Despite many professional and personal commitments, I found time for my interests.

I am a faculty member at two Indian universities, teaching Spanish and French. Further, I conduct corporate training, teach at LanguageNext, develop curriculums, and am a career counselor with vast experience in different programs, topics, and educational approaches.

You can also view my official LinkedIn profile. Languages are what I write about on my blogs.

My experience with the Japanese language

In 2017, I thought it would be fun to learn some Japanese characters at that time. As a result, I learned Hiragana, Katakana, and some Kanji (not much, probably 300-400) – Japanese characters.

Since then, I have stuck with Japanese. And so, I joined MOSAI Institute and bought some books and other materials to immerse myself in everything Japanese. That’s how I came up with the tagline for this site, “A Fascinating World Of Japanese.”

My Blogging Experience

You are likely to feel confused and overwhelmed when studying a language from scratch. By blogging, I want to provide you with different learning approaches, resources, and guidance. I hope it works best for you and makes the whole process enjoyable.

My career in this field spans over 15 years. In 2017 and 2018, I started studyfrenchspanish.com and languagenext.com to support and encourage people to learn foreign languages!

Later, I launched joyofkorean.com in 2021, joyofchinese.com in 2022, joyofspanish.com, and joyoffrench.com in 2023.

Being a one-person company with no profits, investments, or business partners, I am responsible for every aspect of my website. Though not an easy task, my professional language career helped me maintain and take my career to the next level.

Finally, with the increase in traffic, work, content, and technical stuff, I decided to outsource some of my responsibilities to professional freelancers.


When I started my blogs, I barely had a few hundred visitors per month, but by 2021, it had grown to about 3 million page views.

Many renowned educational institutions and popular websites like Cervantes.es, Alliance Francaise, Femina, News24, Duolingo, iTalki, University of Delhi, University of Illinois, LanguageIndia, Leeds Beckett University, UND (University of North Dakota), Sejong Korean Institute – Inko Centre, AC, Times Bridge, Interactio, Eurekly, St. Joseph’s College, Activate Learning, etc. have cited or recommended my articles.

Several organizations have called me for interviews, debates, and perspectives on different aspects of foreign languages.

Reasons for “Joy of Japanese”

More than the Japanese language itself, I learned most things through research, writing, and replying to uncountable questions that I get on other blogs all the time. Here are a few of my Japanese articles on my other blogs.

(i) Why learn Japanese? (ii) Career in Japanese (iii) JLPT exam (iv) Japanese Movies (v) Japanese Proficiency Test (vi) NAT Test (vii) Japanese Courses in Delhi (viii) Learn Japanese in Bangalore.

During my interactions with my readers, I got numerous requests to cover more and more topics linked to Japanese.

Some questions also required a new piece. A few lines of answers weren’t adequate and left much to be desired. Plus, I cannot cover Japanese-only content as those blogs and visitors aim for other languages.

So, I found a logical way to solve all these. The creation of the “Joy of Japanese.”

What is the purpose of this blog?

Hopefully, you’ll discover engaging and informative content about Japanese through this website. This will encourage you to develop and enhance your understanding of the Japanese language and better grasp it as you keep revisiting the website.

I will try my best to bring language learning to life with engaging storytelling, information, news, resources, updates, and many more.

Trust me; it would be a worthwhile experience. However, I seldom begin anything unless I have the conviction, confidence, and enthusiasm to take it to the next level. And that is the number one reason for delaying this blog until now.

The blog is a way to chronicle my linguistic journey until now. I hope my knowledge, experience, and ability to explain things will help you achieve your goals involving Japanese.

Contact, connect, communicate

I enjoy receiving comments, messages, and emails. It is always a pleasure to hear from readers and speak with other Japanese learners.

I may not be able to respond to everyone. However, I read most of it and always try to answer as much as possible.

If you would like to contact me, please fill out this form or email hello [at] joyofjapanese.com.

I am keen to listen to your experiences, ideas, suggestions, and thoughts about Japanese. So if you have something to say, please do not be shy. It’s always nice to get some feedback.

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Learning languages has changed my life for the better and equipped me with outstanding knowledge and happiness. I hope it does, or can do, the same for you.

So stay motivated, pull your shocks, look around, and begin a remarkable journey to Japanese learning.

Best Wishes

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